Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers
Environmental Chambers
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Product Code : RLHI-105
Brand Name : Reliant Lab
Product Description
Double walled construction, inner made out of richly anodized aluminum or stainless steel sheet and outer that of thick mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel paint. Gap is filled with glass wool for temp insulation. A circulation fan has been provided to maintain uniform temp. & humidity through out the chamber. Nichrome heating elements are provided to heat the chamber effectively. Temperature range from ambient to 60oC is controlled by a thermostat. L-shaped thermometer is provided to indicate temp. in the chamber. 

Humidity is created by generating steam by heating water in a stainless steel reservoir by an immersion heater and subsequently condensation in circulating air. The humidity is controlled by a humidistat from atmospheric humidity to 95% + 3% RH. The double walled door has been provided with a double wall clear glass window for observation in the chamber without opening the door and disturbing chamber conditions. A control panel has been provided on left of the body and is provided with all control switches, indicators etc. equipment to work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase. Supplied complete with cord and plug but without hygrometer.

Size inside Chamber:-

W D H Capacity (Approx).

  • 455x455x455mm 95ltrs.
  • 455x455x710mm 147ltrs.
  • 605x605x605mm 225ltrs.
  • 605x605x910mm 335ltrs.

Optional :-

  • Hygrometer (Humidity (Indicator).
  • Digital temp. Controller-Cum-Indicator.
  • Imported Thermostat “EGO”/”JUMO” German with the accuracy of ±0.5°C.
  • Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator – Cum-Controller.
  • Automatic electronic controller with digital display for temp & humidity combined.

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